The Trial of Captain Thomas Preston

This is the culminating assignment of our inquiry into the Boston Massacre. Using the witness you have already been assigned, please follow the directions below:

  1. Using our shared presentation, find your assigned character's slide. 
  2. Find an image that you believe represents your witness in some way. You can be creative here as long as YOU can explain why you think it is representative of your witness. Remember to cite your image source using a hyperlink.
  3. Create a "talk balloon" for your witness and then fill it with a text box. You should choose ONE quote that either helps or hurts Captain Preston, depending on whether your witness is on the side of the Prosecution or the Defense.
  4. Make sure your name (First Name, Last Initial) and your witness's name both appear on your slide.

Click HERE for Period 1.

Click HERE for Period 4.


The presentations (in progress) will appear below: