Was the American Revolution justified?

After watching the School House Rock video, consider the following critical analysis questions:

  1. Who is missing from this video?
  2. How is King George portrayed?
  3. How are the colonists portrayed?
  4. What is the apparent purpose of the taxes?
  5. How is the characterization of the U.S. President contrasted with the King of England?

What questions do you have?

How is the interpretation of the colonial resistance different from this one? HINT: add up the amount of money raised by the taxes on the colonists and compare that to the amount of money the "Peace Force" cost the British.

Boston Massacre Assessment


Just as we discussed in class, make sure you are prepared:

  1. Have a partner who can read your character's testimony in chunks. This "reader" can also be one of your teachers.
  2. Think carefully how you will use the doc camera to project your packet of information (including the map and various diagrams). Feel free to use one of our "clean" copies and then you can read from your annotations.
  3. You will be assessed on the following: