1920s Ad Analysis

Click on the image ONCE to see the larger version.

You (and your small group) have been assigned to analyze and present on 1 of the ads taken from the 1920s. You do not need more than one laptop per group, if at all. Think about the film we just saw and this guiding question: How are the 1920s the first decade to be like us?

For your assigned ad, use the SEE/THINK/WONDER model of analysis, having one group member WRITE OUT your responses.

  1. SEE: what do you observe? Note as many details as you can in the image without adding any interpretation.
  2. THINK: what is your interpretation of something in or about the ad? For each interpretation, follow it up with the answer to the "what makes you say that?" question.
  3. WONDER: what are some questions you have about the image? You should not know the answer to these questions.

Be prepared to present your analysis to the entire class.

    Causes of the Great Depression

    1. “Sick” Industries, Merger Mania, and Weak Regulation
    2. Overproduction and Underconsumption
    3. Overexpansion of Farming
    4. Easy Credit and Buying on the Margin
    5. Unequal Distribution of Wealth and Taxes
    6. Hoarding of Money
    7. Bank Failures and Runs
    8. International: World War I debts and Tariffs

    TASK: explain your assigned cause to the class, visually and orally. What are some other causes you can think of?